Alby Ball was born in London and has lived and worked in Canada, France and Thailand. After studying a Masters in Engineering at Hull university he decided that he would prefer to take photos instead of maths. He started Pictured Earth photography in 1996. He now lives in London working as a photographer & filmographer .

Alby Ball has had a passion and urge for photography since he was given a half working box Brownie at the age of 7. Since those days of blurry images and grain he has wanted to capture every moment  of this beautiful life on film. Through this enthusiasm he has been sent to over half the countries on our planet building up an impressive and extensive catalogue and work portfolio.

As well as wedding, travel, commercial and sporting events photography he has also worked for O’Neill surf company covering their surf competitions on the west coast of Canada. His love of water has also led him to work as an underwater photographer for different major dive companies around the world.

Being capable and diverse in his work approach and ethos he has cultured a unique style which has led to his work  being sold world wide. His work has also featured in newspapers, magazines, calendars and has won national photo competitions.

He is also the director of Pictured Earth’s sister company Reel Earth productions whose main work is filming foreign events and reports in HD. Their previous work Frozen Surf, which was shot over a month in Canada, has been shown at the New Zealand Film Festival. Reel Earth has also covered the Himalayan high altitude Polo Tournament in Pakistan and also the Burning Man festival in USA. They are currently working on a project concerning the Sahara.

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